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Medical Malpractice


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Medical Malpractice


Wrongful Death


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Personal Injury

The legal definition of personal injury refers to a type of lawsuit involving damage to one’s person, due to the negligence or misconduct of another person or entity.


Medical Malpractice

Simply put, medical malpractice occurs when an injury or death occurs because a medical professional or healthcare provider, through a negligent act or omission, provides care or treatment that falls below the acceptable standard of care.


Insurance Claims

When your home is damaged by a storm, hurricane, a fire, roof leak or a plumbing leak, your homeowner’s insurance company may be responsible for paying for some or all of the repairs.

Premier Personal
Injury Law Firm

Hannon Legal Group is one of the premier personal injury law firms in the state of Florida. Our team has a long history of successfully representing clients and their families throughout the state.

We’ve earned a national reputation for offering the highest caliber legal representation by striving to provide unflinching advocacy for our clients. It all starts with an uncompromising commitment to the people we serve.

Reviews From Our Clients

"Mr. Hannon represented me in a medical malpractice-wrongful death case and in another related matter. I was more than impressed with the quality and attentiveness that Jim and the staff at Hannon Legal Group provided while representing me."

Jimmy Manzi

“Jim was able to achieve a very substantial multi-million dollar award for him even though the construction companies fought us tooth and nail. Whenever I had questions or concerns, he was always willing to take the time to explain things and put me at ease.”

Pat Irvin

"My stepfather's case wasn't an easy one, he was paralyzed after being hit by a car and unable to tell his side of the story against a big company who said they weren't at fault. Mr. Hannon and his team fought to make sure we found out the truth."

Vanessa Vigne

"At my darkest hour, Mr. Hannon won a multi-million dollar case and made sure that my family and I have a future. I’m extremely grateful that I had a lawyer who not only helped me get justice but who also genuinely cared for my family’s well-being. Mr. Hannon will forever be our go-to lawyer!"


Milene Dominguez

(Translated by Google) The lawyer Hannon has done so much for my family that I do not know how to thank him I have no words to describe Mr. Hannon as a person and as a lawyer he is inexplicable. I never thought that I would be in such a hard and painful situation. Mr. Hannon has been the ideal lawyer. He was able to close my case quickly, he gave me hope that I did not think I would have at this time after losing my husband. I was able to win my case and I received Justice. Even if my husband is not with me, I can say that my children will not miss anything. Thanks to Mr. Hannon and Maria Navarro.

(Original) El abogado Hannon a hecho tanto por mi familia que no sé cómo agradecerle no tengo palabras para describir a Mr. Hannon como persona y como abogado es inexplicable. Yo nunca pensé que yo estaría en una situación tan dura y dolorosa. El señor Hannon ha sido el abogado ideal. El pudo cerrar mi caso rápido, me dió una esperanza que no pensé tener en este momento después de perder a mi esposo. Pude ganar mi caso y recibí Justicia. Aunque mi esposo no esté conmigo si puedo decir que a mis hijos no le van a faltar nada. Gracias a Mr. Hannon Y Maria Navarro.

Zirleys George

Jim Hannon is an amazing attorney! He represented me when I was seriously injured many years ago and did such a good job with my case, he was the first one I thought to call when I learned that my fourteen year old daughter had been the victim of sexual assault and was recruited from her high school to be in pornographic videos. Mr. Hannon handled this very sensitive situation with professionalism, skill and class. He always communicated with us to keep us posted on what was going on and explained the process every step of the way. He treated us like family. He maintained confidentiality while working very hard to hold the video production company accountable for their actions. In the end, Jim secured a very large, life-changing award for our family. He made a very difficult situation tolerable and was a real blessing to me and my family. I highly recommend Jim Hannon for any case involving personal injury, sexual assault or medical malpractice. He is the best!


Practice Areas

  • premises-liability-icon-white

    Premises Liability

    Anything can happen to anyone; but public places have a responsibility to take care not to present a danger to visitors or passers-by. Has a business or property owner neglected their responsibility at the expense of you or a loved one? Click here to learn what you can do. Learn more

  • shopping-cart-icon-white

    Product Liability

    All too commonly, people are injured by defective or outright dangerous products. What can you do if you or someone you love has been injured by a faulty product? Learn what options you have, and what an experience litigator can do on your behalf. Learn more

  • medical-malpractice-icon-white

    Medical Malpractice

    Medical Malpractice constitutes a broken promise -- the trust you placed in the hands of a medical professional has been irreparably dissolved. If you have been treated in a negligent manner by a doctor or pharmacist, we will guide you through the next steps. Learn more

  • insurance-claims-icon-white

    Insurance Claims

    An insurance policy means that you have a contract with your provider, and in the event of the unfortunate or unthinkable, your insurance company will have your back. The unfortunate reality is that insurance companies will avoid paying claims if possible. Learn more

Hannon Legal Group handles cases that are governed by tort law. That is, we help people who need an attorney skilled and experienced at handling cases where someone has suffered injury or loss because another individual or organization failed to act in a way that duty demands.

We specialize in representing those wrongfully affected, often by powerful groups -- large property owners, pharmaceutical companies, corporate cruise lines, and other entities -- in order to see justice carried out and recompense delivered. Whether you or those you care about have been physically or emotionally impaired, or if your property has been damaged through negligent inaction, our experienced team will work for you.

Our website is a guide to the various areas of practice in which we specialize, from personal injury to product liability. Here you will find information on:

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