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Transportation Accidents

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Have you been injured in a vehicle accident, involving a bus, a motorcycle, a train, or any other motor vehicle not considered a car? Although the laws can be different from more common automobile accidents, it is still advisable to have legal counsel in order to assist you if you are due compensation. The below information explains the various details involved in transportation accidents in the state of Florida.

Railroad Accidents

Train Passing in front of CarTrain-related deaths have been on the rise in South Florida -- according to the Sun Sentinel, 23 people died from being struck by a train in the first nine months of 2017. Railroad accidents can cause serious damage to both people and property. Lawyers involved in such cases focus on railroad accidents that involve derailments, excessive speed by drivers, intoxication of drivers, and warning signal failure as well as those involving claims under the Federal Employer's Liability Act for injuries to railroad employees.

It is very uncommon for a rail-car to derail. However, when this does occur, the railcar can destroy anything in its path and cause serious or fatal injuries to people in its vicinity as well as to passengers. The faster the train was going at the time of the derailment the greater the risk of harm to person and property.

Drivers can be held accountable if they operated the train at unreasonable speeds or if they were intoxicated at the time of the accident. In addition, the conductor’s employer can be held accountable for the consequences of his negligence.

Railroad accidents may also occur as a result of warning signal failure. Most railroad accidents that are caused by signal failure result in serious injury or death to the occupants of automobiles stopped on the tracks, though train passengers are often injured as well. Railroad employees are very often entitled to substantial compensation under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) when they are injured on the job.

Bus Accidents

Because buses have a high center of gravity and tremendous size and weight, bus accidents can be disastrous, resulting in catastrophic damages, multiple injuries, and unnecessary deaths. All types of buses -- private charter, city transport, school buses, tour buses and other commercial passenger vehicles -- are classified as "common carriers" under Florida and Federal laws. In order for a common carrier to operate, they must adhere to certain industry specific regulations implemented to protect the general public. Common carriers owe a heightened duty of care to passengers and the general public.

Depending on the circumstances, personal injury claims arising out of an accident involving a bus which is owned and operated by a municipality may be limited by Florida laws providing for sovereign immunity. However, claims for personal injury or wrongful death arising out of an accident involving a privately owned bus are not ordinarily subject to those limitations.

Anyone injured in an accident involving a bus may be entitled to substantial compensation. This is generally true whether they are a bus passenger, a pedestrian, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or the driver or passengers of another vehicle hit by a bus.

Motorcycle Accidents

There are three different types of motorcycle accident liability cases: one is as the driver of a motorcycle in an accident where the other driver is at fault, one the victim of a motorcycle driver, and one where the manufacturer of the motorcycle is culpable and therefore liable to pay damages.
Man with a Motorcycle Helmet
In the first and second cases, the legal responsibility of the driver must be established in order to find negligence; in the third case, one must establish the negligence in terms of a defect in the design or manufacture of the vehicle. if the bike had a design defect, this refers to whether the manufacturer planned or created the vehicle in such a manner that damage could be reasonably predicted to come about. As for a manufacture defect, this implies that there was some deviation from the proposed outline while the bike was being assembled, and this deviation rendered the vehicle risky somehow.

Other Transportation Accidents

Transportation accidents are some of the most common accidents resulting in serious injuries and death. The Miami, Florida personal injury lawyers at Hannon Legal Group are experienced in the litigation and trial of all types of transportation accidents.  They include:

Any one of these accidents can yield catastrophic results.

Are You Eligible for a Claim?

Hannon Legal Group is committed to giving each client the time and attention he or she deserves. Our firm works as a team so that our clients get the benefit of the collective skill and effort of our experienced and highly trained attorneys, paralegals and investigators. We are proud to serve victims of transportation accidents throughout the State of Florida. Our team of experienced transportation accident lawyers has been successfully handling cases arising out of all types of transportation accidents for many years.

We are committed to giving each client the time and attention he or she deserves. Our firm works as a team so that our clients get the benefit of the collective skill and effort of our experienced and highly trained attorneys, paralegals and investigators.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a accident anywhere in the state of Florida, contact us today for a free evaluation of your claim.