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Miami, Florida Auto Injury and Car Accident Lawyers Motor vehicle defect cases arise when an automobile, including its component parts and accessories, is not designed and manufactured so that it is safe for its intended and foreseeable use. Since automobile accidents are foreseeable, motor vehicles should be designed and built to protect the driver and passengers in the event an automobile accident occurs. The ability of a motor vehicle to prevent or minimize injury to its driver and passengers in the event of a crash is referred to as the vehicle’s “crashworthiness.” Our Miami, Florida crashworthiness lawyers are experienced in the litigation of product defect cases throughout the state of Florida.

The Miami, Florida defective automobile lawyers at Hannon Legal Group work with leading automobile design and manufacturing engineering expert witnesses to prove liability in these complex cases. Our team of attorneys, paralegals and private investigators work tirelessly to provide our clients the level of representation they deserve.

While most motor vehicles are carefully designed and manufactured, tragically, some are not. When an automobile manufacturer is careless in the designing or manufacturing a motor vehicle or attempts to cut corners on safety to improve profits, occupants are often seriously injured or killed, sometimes even in relatively minor collisions. When this happens, it is important to speak with an experienced Miami, Florida products liability lawyer as soon as possible.

The United States government has minimum safety standards with which all new passenger cars must comply.

These standards help to ensure that vehicles are safe; however, compliance with these minimum standards does not mean that a vehicle is crashworthy or safe for its intended use. For example, many SUVs, pickup trucks and other types of passenger vehicles are overly susceptible to severe roof crush damage in a roll over accident despite compliance with the Federal minimum standards. “Roof crush” refers to the collapse of the vehicle’s roof into the passenger compartment.

Roof crush can be minimized or prevented in a roll over accident by designing the roof pillars and support structures of these pickups and SUVs with adequate strength to prevent intrusion into the passenger compartment. This intrusion or roof crush often causes severe head and neck trauma that can be fatal or leave occupants with such catastrophic injuries as quadriplegia, paraplegia, paralysis, spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury.

In addition, many automobiles that comply with the Federal minimum standards are still at risk of fuel fed fires which often result in death or severe burn injuries. The term “fuel fed fire” generally refers to post collision fires. These fuel fed fires are usually the result of fuel leaks due to defective fuel tanks, defective fuel systems or improper placement of fuel tanks or fuel lines so that they are at increased risk of being punctured. The presence of a fuel leak dramatically increases the risk of a vehicle catching fire after a collision.

Despite the danger of post collision fuel fed fires, there are no Federal standards for the safe design, manufacture or placement of fuel tanks or fuel systems on motor vehicles. Automobile manufacturers have the ability to minimize the risk of fuel fed fires in a collision without substantially increasing the cost of the vehicle. The installation of anti-siphoning devices effectively reduces the circulation of fuel following a collision. Fuel tank bladders reduce the risk of leaks in the event of an automobile accident.

These and other automobile design or manufacturing defects dramatically increase the risk of major, life altering injury or death in car accident collisions which occupants would otherwise survive without injury or with only minor injuries.

When a dangerous or defective motor vehicle causes wrongful death or serious injury, the vehicle manufacturer, component part manufacturers and dealers may be held liable under Florida’s Product Liability laws.

The Miami, Fl. defective automobile lawyers at Hannon Legal Group have successfully litigated many cases where a dangerous or defective automobile or truck resulted in the death or serious injury of a driver, passenger or bystander.

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed by a dangerous or defective motor vehicle, contact a Miami, Florida product liability lawyer at Hannon Legal Group or Call (866) 835-6872 today to speak with a Miami, Fl. product defect attorney about your potential case.

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