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Nearly 4 billion prescriptions for medication are filled each year in the United States with almost one-third of those being filled at either a Walgreens or a CVS pharmacy. Unfortunately, every year millions of people receive the wrong prescription because of pharmacy negligence. For many of them, the health consequences of receiving the wrong prescription are serious or even fatal.  While prescription errors are very common in this state, this is a nationwide problem.

The number of prescription drug errors has increased dramatically over the past several years and the problem is expected to worsen as aging baby boomers and others become increasingly dependent on prescription medications.

Pharmacy negligence and prescription drug errors are usually preventable with the implementation of appropriate safety procedures, some basic precautions and the application of reasonable care. When these errors occur and serious or catastrophic harm results to the patient, our experienced pharmacy negligence attorneys in Miami can help victims hold the responsible parties accountable.

Common pharmacy mistakes include:

  • Dispensing the wrong medication
  • Dispensing medication in the wrong dosage
  • Confusing drugs that look alike or have similar sounding names
  • Miscommunication between pharmacist and doctors
  • Failure to protect against harmful drug interactions
  • Failure to provide adequate counseling
  • Failure to identify drug allergies

Common causes of Pharmacy Negligence resulting in Medication Errors include:

  • More prescriptions-fewer pharmacists
  • Speed over safety
  • Reliance on technicians
  • Tying pay to volume
  • Distractions
  • Inadequate regulations
  • Doctor error/malpractice
  • Failure to comply with product recalls

Precautions you can take to avoid prescription errors and minimize the risk of pharmacy negligence include:

  • Talk with your doctor
  • Write down drug name and dosage
  • Select a reputable pharmacy
  • Check the label
  • Open the bottle
  • Talk with the pharmacist
  • Avoid the beginning of the month
  • Avoid the drive-up window

At Hannon Legal Group, we are committed to working within the legal system to hold negligent pharmacies and negligent pharmacists accountable for the harm that they cause and to protecting Florida's consumers. Legal accountability helps to reduce the overall incidence of pharmacy errors and pharmacist negligence. Our Miami, Florida pharmacy negligence lawyers will work with the leading industry experts to prove your case.

While one of our partners will serve as the lead pharmacy error lawyer on every pharmacy malpractice case we handle, our lawyers, paralegals and investigators work as a team to achieve substantial compensation for our clients who have been harmed by medication errors.