Maritime Litigation and Cruise Ship Accidents

Miami, Florida Marine and Boating Accident Lawyers


The Miami, Florida admiralty and maritime law attorneys at Hannon Legal Group have experience in litigating various types of maritime accidents. With over 1,000 miles of coastline and 14 ports, where some of the world’s largest cruise ships depart from, Florida is a haven for boating and water enthusiasts. Water activities are enjoyed by thousands of Florida residents and visitors nearly every day.

However, these activities also come with the risk of serious injury when others are negligent.  Whether you enjoy cruise ships, boats, jet skis, or other recreational watercraft or are employed as a seaman on a commercial vessel, accidents frequently occur due to the negligence of others.

If you have suffered an accident or injury aboard a cruise ship or other watercraft, either as a passenger or crew-member, the experienced admiralty and maritime litigation attorneys at Hannon Legal Group know how to protect your legal rights and maximize your recovery.

Our Miami, Florida cruise line negligence lawyers are well-versed in the various laws governing marine litigation and understand the complexities surrounding the statute of limitations and forum selection. Our Miami, Fl. cruise line negligence attorneys have years of experience successfully representing victims of cruise line negligence and those who have suffered harm in boating accidents or while working as seaman.

Every ship or boat captain has a responsibility to operate her vessel and navigate the waters safely. Should the captain be negligent in either of these areas, as when operating a vessel while under the influence of alcohol or while not paying attention to their course, the vessel owner and operator can be held liable for injuries and death which result from accidents they cause.

On average, there are over 1,000 reported boating accidents every year in Florida. The majority of these deaths result from drowning. In many cases these victims were not wearing life jackets.

Other injuries sustained in boating accidents can include amputation, brain damage or spinal cord injuries.

If you have been involved in a cruise ship accident or someone you know has been injured or killed as a result of cruise line negligence, contact a Miami, Florida maritime litigation attorney at Hannon Legal Group today or call (866) 835-6872 to speak with one of our cruise line negligence attorneys for a free consultation.