Lakeland Car Accidents

The Lakeland, Florida accident lawyers at Hannon Legal Group know how important it is to have an experienced attorney on your side when you are injured in a serious car accident. You need an attorney who is familiar with the area where your accident occurred, especially the particular road conditions and the people who live in that area who could potentially make up a jury in your case. Our Polk County injury lawyers offer that experience and knowledge in Lakeland, Florida and surrounding Polk County.

Our attorneys understand that the conditions contributing to accidents that occur in Lakeland are much different than those found elsewhere in Florida. Lakeland and surrounding Polk County are located along interstate roads I-4 and I-60 which run right through Polk County. These roads are two of the main highways used to cross the State of Florida from east to west and vice versa. These roads are often traversed by large trucks which pose a unique and substantial risk to automobile drivers on the same road. The Lakeland truck accident attorneys at our firm understand that truck drivers are often pushed by their companies to drive long hours with little rest.

These truck drivers also often face tight deadlines for dropping off goods. These factors tend to cause truck drivers to increase their speed while driving while battling exhaustion at the same time. Speeding combined with exhaustion often produces deadly results. In fact, in 2008, Polk County tied with Miami-Dade County as having the highest number of commercial motor vehicle-related fatalities in Florida. Lakeland is the major city in Polk County, so many of these deadly truck accidents occur within the Lakeland city limits or nearby.

Although Polk County has a relatively small number of car accidents compared to the other counties in Florida, when accidents do occur, they tend to be much more serious. People tend to drive much faster through the small towns and cities located in Polk County, including Lakeland, and this speeding often causes devastating and tragic automobile accidents.

Lakeland statistically is a large Florida city, so it carries with it the typical commuter fender-bender accidents. However, surrounding the city are vast rural areas with long stretches of highway, which host many more dangerous accidents and have a more conservative population. The juries in these rural areas are typically not very “plaintiff-friendly” when it comes to personal injury cases. This is especially true with respect to medical malpractice cases. However, many residents have grown weary of the large number of truck accidents that occur in their town, which are often due to excessive speed and/or driver fatigue. This means that a jury in a truck accident case in Lakeland or surrounding areas may be more “plaintiff-friendly” because they are fed up with the reckless driving that brings devastating consequences to local families in Polk County.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an automobile or truck accident in Lakeland or surrounding Polk County, it is important that you talk to an experienced accident attorney who can protect your legal rights. The car and truck accident attorneys at Hannon Legal Group have the experience along with a unique understanding of the traffic hazards in Polk County that is vital to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. If you are looking for an experienced Lakeland injury attorney, contact Hannon Legal Group for a free, no-obligation consultation or call (866) 835-6872 to speak with a Florida injury lawyer today.