Head-On Collisions

One out of every fifty automobile accidents involves a head-on collision.  Although this number may seem low, nearly one out of ten motor vehicle accident fatalities is the result of a head-on crash. Our Miami, Florida car accident lawyers know that the injuries arising from head-on crashes can be life-altering and often fatal. This type of accident is all too common in Florida, especially since they are often preventable.

Head-on collisions occur when the front end of one car collides with the front end of another car while the two vehicles are traveling in opposite directions. These types of car accidents are particularly dangerous because head-on collisions generate a massive amount of force on impact.  Although some of this force may be absorbed by the front bumpers of the cars involved, if an oncoming vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed, or if the road is not well-lit, the other driver may have little time to react and steer out of harm’s way, essentially driving into the path of the accident.

Our Miami, Fl auto accident lawyers have found that the most common cause of head-on collisions is driver distraction. Drivers may be distracted by many things including driving while texting or talking on a cell phone.  Teenage drivers are often distracted by other teens in the car. Examples of head-on collisions include a driver who negligently crosses the median into oncoming traffic, a driver who fails to read the “wrong way” sign on a highway entrance ramp, a driver who drifts into oncoming traffic when negotiating a curve, or a driver who is under the influence of prescription drugs or alcohol.  The prevalence of smart phones and the ability to check email and send text messages on the go, has only added to the high number of head-on collisions. 

Despite the use of airbags and seat belts, most head-on collisions still result in catastrophic injuries including brain damage, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, fractures and death

Victims of head-on collisions may file a Miami personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in order to obtain compensation for their injuries. Compensation may be recovered for past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages as provided by Florida law. 

The Miami, Fl. car accident lawyers at Hannon Legal Group have years of experience successfully litigating all types of automobile accident cases across the state.  Our team of Miami auto accident lawyers, paralegals, private investigators and nurse consultants strive to provide the highest level of representation for our clients.   If you have been involved in a head-on collision or if a family member has been killed in a head-on motor vehicle accident, contact a Miami auto accident attorney at Hannon Legal Group for a free consultation or call (866) 835-6872 to speak with a lawyer today.