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Florida Hurricane Lawyers

Trial Lawyers Representing Hurricane Victims Statewide

Hannon Legal Group is a Florida law firm representing clients throughout the state. We are trial lawyers who will take on the insurance companies and work tirelessly to hold them accountable when they deny a legitimate claim or try to under pay those claims. Our lawyers have a combined 40 years of experience representing clients across Florida and we would like to be able to count you among our satisfied clients. Hannon Legal Group has been repeatedly recognized as one of the “Best Law Firms in America” and one of the “Best Law Firms in Florida” by U.S. News and World Report.

Homeowner’s Insurance Claims for Hurricane Damage

There are many different types of homeowner’s insurance policies. The typical homeowner’s insurance policy in Florida, known in the industry as an HO3 policy, provides coverage for many different types of peril, including windstorms like hurricanes and tropical storms.

If you have homeowners’ Insurance, you probably have coverage for losses created by a hurricane. The types of losses that are usually covered by a windstorm insurance policy include physical damage to your dwelling, physical damage to the personal property inside your home, usually referred to in the policy as “contents,” and additional living expenses, among others.
All homeowner’s insurance policies provide for a deductible or an initial amount of damage which the homeowner will be responsible for before the insurance coverage comes into play. These policies generally contain a separate deductible for hurricane damage which is calculated as a percentage of the coverage limits. The hurricane deductible is almost always higher than the deductible applicable to other types of claims under the policy.

When your home suffers damage from a hurricane, your homeowners’ insurance company will, in most cases, be responsible for paying for all or a portion of the cost to repair that damage. Because hurricanes cause such extensive damage, the repairs that need to be made in the aftermath are usually one of the most expensive among the various losses covered by a homeowners’ policy. If you don’t have a good insurance policy with a good insurance company, you may be left with a serious financial hardship.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies make a practice of denying claims that should be covered or delaying claims to gain an advantage making an already difficult situation for the insured person even more difficult. By delaying the claims process, the insurance adjuster effectively delays the necessary repairs to the damaged house. These delay tactics are unethical and can cause a very real financial strain on someone who has had to move out of their home and incur the expense of renting while waiting for their home to be repaired.
Hurricane Insurance Claims – Know Your Rights

Hurricane claims are one of the many claims that can be brought under a homeowner’s insurance policy. Hurricane claims are sometimes treated differently than other types of homeowner’s insurance claims in most policies including having a different deductible than would apply to another kind of loss.

Residents of Florida know only too well the dangers of a hurricane, but few know all the rights they have when claiming insurance benefits for hurricane damage. For example, did you know that filing a hurricane claim, which is considered a catastrophic event, will not increase your rates, nor will your policy be canceled? Or that your policy may include what is known as a Hurricane Deductible, which is calculated as a percentage of your windstorm coverage limits? Or that your insurance policy may cover losses ranging from spoiled food to damage repairs to expenses incurred from a mandatory evacuation.

Too often homeowners and other property owners are uninformed about their rights and what they can expect after a hurricane. That can leave you vulnerable to being taken advantage of by your insurance company. Expert representation by an experienced hurricane lawyer will help you navigate your policy, the claims process, and the law.

Notice of a Claim and Other Requirements

Like other claims under a homeowners’ insurance policy, you will be required to notify your insurance company of a loss you suffer as a result of a hurricane as soon as possible under the circumstances. This is usually something a property manager or owner will address early on. Your insurance company may deny your otherwise covered claim for delay in reporting the loss. For that reason, it is important to notify them right away.

Insurance Policy Exclusions Applicable to Hurricane Claims

All homeowner’s policies contain exclusions which limit the insurance company’s responsibility to pay for certain categories of hurricane losses when certain conditions surrounding them occur.

When a loss triggers a policy exclusion, the insurance company will almost always deny your claim. Unfortunately, some insurance adjusters will deny a covered hurricane loss and apply an exclusion to a hurricane claim that should be covered just to avoid having to pay the claim.

The application of exclusionary clauses in an insurance policy can be a complicated matter and may require legal analysis. If your hurricane claim has been denied because of an exclusion in your insurance policy, you should speak with an experienced hurricane lawyer right away in order to preserve your legal rights.

Commercial Property Claims

All types of commercial property, including multi-family residential property, are susceptible to damage from hurricanes just like residential property is. In fact, the damage hurricanes inflict on condominium and townhouse developments, schools, office buildings, and shopping centers is usually in the millions of dollars. The process of making an insurance claim for hurricane damage is usually more complicated when a commercial property is involved, and the repairs are typically far more expensive than they would be for a single-family home.

business damaged by hurricane - insurance claimsBecause the stakes are higher, some insurance companies will look for ways to deny or delay paying a hurricane claim for commercial property and fight harder than they otherwise would. Enlisting the services of an experienced trial lawyer can level the playing field and help ensure fair compensation for your loss.

The trial lawyers at Hannon Legal Group are experienced in representing owners of commercial property and condominium associations in claims for damages resulting from hurricanes. We work hard to hold unethical insurance companies accountable. Our team has recovered millions of dollars for our clients and we would like to help you recover the insurance benefits you need to repair your home and get back to living a normal life. Our lawyers and paralegals are here to help you through every phase of the claims process. To ensure the best results, you should speak with an attorney as early in the process as possible. For a free consultation about your hurricane claim, contact us today or call (305) 358-3109 to speak with one of our lawyers.