Defective Tires/Tread Separation

Miami Defective Tires Lawyer Each year, thousands of people suffer serious injury and death as a result of defective tires. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 8,000 traffic accidents every year resulting in death or serious injury are caused by tire failure. There are various ways in which a motor vehicle tire may fail including uneven tread wear due to under inflation or over inflation, road hazards and defects in the design or manufacturing process. The tire failures generally caused by design or manufacturing defects include tire bead failure also called bead fractures, zipper failure, multi piece wheel or rim explosions and tread separation also called tread belt separation.

The most common failure of steel belted radial tires reported is tread separation where the tread physically separates from the main carcass of the tire. Almost all tires manufactured today are steel belted radial tires. Tread separation usually occurs when the rubber used to make the tire does not bond or adhere properly to the steel belts. This poor adhesion is often the result of contamination by moisture, rust, sulfur or chemical solvents used to remove excessive sulfur from steel belts that have become stale or the use of expired adhesives among other causes.

Examples of tires that have had tread separation linked to design or manufacturing defects include the Firestone ATX, Firestone ATX II, Goodyear Load Range E tires typically found on 15 passenger vans, Uniroyal-Goodrich tires, Firestone Wilderness tires, Continental General tires, Firestone Steeltex tires, Cooper tires, B F Goodrich tires, Bridgestone tires and others.

When tread separation occurs, vehicles often roll over or drivers are caused to lose control and people are almost always killed or seriously injured. The most catastrophic injuries and death usually involve SUVs that roll over after a defective tire blow out.

When tire tread separation causes death or serious injury, the manufacturer along with the distributors may be held liable under Florida’s Product Liability laws.

The defective tire lawyers at Hannon Legal Group have successfully litigated many cases where a dangerous or defective product resulted in death or catastrophic injury.

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed due to tire failure, tire defect, tire blow out, tread belt separation, tire bead failure, bead fracture, mulit piece wheel explosions, multi piece rim explosions, zipper failure or tread separation contact a Florida defective tire lawyer at Hannon Legal Group today.