Defective Seat Backs

Miami and Key West Auto Injury and Defective Seat Back Lawyers Each year thousands of people are injured due to defective automobile seats. While there are several component parts of the automobile seats that can fail if defective (including recliner mechanisms, fasteners and seat tracks), the most common defect is with the seat back. Automobile seat backs should operate as a restraint, mainly in a rear end collision, much the same way a seatbelt functions in a head on collision. When a defective automobile seat back fails to restrain a vehicle occupant in a collision, the results are usually devastating.

Too frequently, defective automobile seat backs collapse or break in a rear end collision. When a seat back failure occurs in a collision, vehicle occupants are often ejected or thrown into the steering wheel, dash board or other parts of the interior of the vehicle or even into other occupants. When a seat back failure occurs in the absence of an impact, the driver can lose control of the vehicle resulting in a collision.

In either event, a defective automotive seat back failure can and often does cause the vehicle occupants to suffer catastrophic spinal cord injuries and resulting quadriplegia, paraplegia or paralysis. Tragically, traumatic brain injury and death are also common results of a collapsing seat back.

These seat back failures are often due to inadequate crash testing or defective design. General Motors is often implicated in defective automobile seat back cases. Yet GM and most major automobile manufacturers have refused to make inexpensive design changes to their automobile seat backs which would reduce or even eliminate these dangerous failures.

When automotive seat back failure causes death or serious injury, the manufacturer along with the distributors and the dealers may be held liable under Florida’s Product Liability laws.

The defective automobile seat back lawyers at Hannon Legal Group have successfully litigated many cases where a dangerous or defective product resulted in death or catastrophic injury.

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed due to seat back failure, contact a Florida auto injury lawyer at Hannon Legal Group today.