Defective Airbags

Miami and Key West Defective Airbag and Product Liability Attorneys Airbags save countless lives and prevent many occupants of motor vehicles from being injured when they function properly. A defective airbag however, can cause death or serious injury to the occupants of a motor vehicle.  Very often people are killed or badly injured when a defective airbag fails to deploy or inflate in a collision.

When an defective airbag inflates in the absence of an impact it can cause the driver to lose control of his vehicle and crash leaving occupants with serious or fatal injuries.
The violent deployment of the airbag itself can also cause fractures, burns, eye damage, and other severe injuries. This is especially tragic when it occurs in the absence of an impact or in the event of a low speed collision when air bag deployment should not occur.

These airbag failures are often due to inadequate crash testing or defective design. Some manufacturers’ safety standards for airbags have been criticized as being clearly deficient. 

When airbag failure causes death or serious injury, the manufacturer along with the distributors and the dealers may be held liable under Florida’s Product Liability laws. 

The defective airbag attorneys at Hannon Legal Group have successfully litigated cases where a dangerous or defective airbag  resulted in death or catastrophic injury.

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed due to an airbag failure, contact a Florida defective airbag and product liability attorney at Hannon Legal Group today.